Weeping Willow

Weeping willow with your tears running down, 
why do you always weep and frown? 
Is it because he left you one day? 
Is it because he couldn’t not stay? 
On your branches he would swing, 
do you love the happiness that he would bring? 
He found shelter in your shade, 
we thought his laughter would never fade! 
Weeping willow stop your tears, 
there is something to calm your fears. 
You think death as you do forever part,
I know he will always be in your heart!

By Emma Jane Rae


15 Minutes of Fame

Cocaine nose and trendy clothes. That’s what Paige was known for around Hollywood. Her dad was a mega hotelier so she had a very good, very wealthy upbringing. At too young of an age, Paige began meddling with substances with her friends at parties. Ah, the parties. There were so many of them: film premieres, award ceremonies, club openings, restaurant openings. You name it, she was there. Paige never turned down an invitation. But being a socialite wasn’t all it seemed. I mean, sure, she had a glamorous lifestyle and she had just wrapped filming of the second season of her reality TV show No Paige Unturned, but she just wasn’t happy. Not that anyone really knew that. No one knew that she was really just your average Josephine, an uninteresting person, boring. Around town she was known as the life and soul of the party. LA was a small place so everyone knew everyone which meant that everyone also knew your business. All of it.

Maybe that’s why it all spiralled out of control. She thought she had it under control. So what if she did lines of coke every night. And every day. I mean seriously, did her dad really need to be so dramatic and force her to go to rehab after learning that she was found slumped in an alleyway near Chateau Marmont. Of course, she flunked out. What was she supposed to do, the place was full of junkies. And she was not a junkie. She just needed a little something from time to time. All of the time. Her friends did much worse she was sure of it. Only her friends didn’t have a major reality TV show, which by the way got cancelled after the second season. They didn’t want to renew her contract as it would look “bad for the network”. Fuck the network, what do they know.

Now Paige’s life is different. The cameras are gone, nobody screams her name, the paparazzi are non-existent. She just lives in a quite suburb of LA far from the glitz and glamour that once ruled her life. I guess Paige couldn’t handle her 15 minutes of fame…

What is Normal Anyway?

I’m a thinker, not a talker. I’m an introvert, not an extrovert. I often look around me and think “Is it me or has the world gone mad?” My workplace is filled with people who are nothing like me. Corporatism, hierarchy, office politics and salary are more important than empathy, understanding, common sense, rationale. It’s confusing when everyone around you is completely different. But after having dinner with a friend tonight I realised something: you can’t choose you’re work colleagues but you can choose to fill your life with friends and family. You can choose to create your own little world where everything is normal to YOU. Joey Essex may not be able to tell the time but in his world that’s fine. And maybe that’s all that matters…