November Girl

In a cold drizzly country called England
a girl was born in November.
She had a good heart right from the start
from what she could remember.

Raised by a single-parent mother
on a council estate, she was odd.
At her school, the kids were cool
and she always felt left by her tod.

So the girl was smart and literate.
At a young age, many a book she perused.
But she never fit in, felt wrong in the skin
and teenage life left her rather confused.

When it came to decisions of the future
November girl kept changing her mind.
A journalist, editor or beautician
her true destiny she couldn’t find.

So she went to college for A Levels
and university for the bachelor.
But the student life was not for her
as she wasn’t into the drink and drug culture.

On the quest for internal happiness
she dabbled in different vocations.
Retail, waitressing and office work galore
It was a more of a chore, nothing like a vacation.

After job hopping she settled down
in an office job at the bottom
of the hierarchy in the corporate institution.
But how to deal with the suits, she couldn’t fathom.

Finally November girl learned that all she needs
to do to find peace within, is overcome your fears.
She now lives in a small quiet house
with her cat and partner of five years.


Weeping Willow

Weeping willow with your tears running down, 
why do you always weep and frown? 
Is it because he left you one day? 
Is it because he couldn’t not stay? 
On your branches he would swing, 
do you love the happiness that he would bring? 
He found shelter in your shade, 
we thought his laughter would never fade! 
Weeping willow stop your tears, 
there is something to calm your fears. 
You think death as you do forever part,
I know he will always be in your heart!

By Emma Jane Rae